Fire Fighting Course

Safety Awareness Training Course is designed for all employees. It provides a sound introduction to
fire awareness and should be considered as part of the “employment induction package” provided by
companies to employees. This training provides employees with a firm foundation from which to develop
their basic fire safety skills and awareness and can also be used to assist their employer later with specific
fire safety tasks in the workplace (for example fire risk management, Fire Marshal and Fire Warden duties).
Fire Safety Awareness will cover the following:

• Recognizing the cause of fire
• The common causes of fire
• The chemistry and behavior of fire
• Actions on discovering a fire
• Fire safety precautions and fire prevention
• How to use fire extinguishers
• Emergency evacuation procedures and drills

Course duration is 4 hours (depending on group size) starting at 08:30 am and finishing at 12:30 pm.
Candidates will receive continuous assessment throughout the training day and will be required to pass an
assessment during use of fire extinguishers.
On successful completion of the course candidates will receive a Fire Safety Awareness Certificate which is
valid for three years.